Barbara Kendall Reed

Barbara Kendall Reed

B.  Kendall (Barbara Kendall Reed) paints abstracts that are inspired by her love of color and life’s many subtle as well as intense moments.  Furthering her admiration for abstract painting is her view of life through the prism of diversity and cultural differences.  Born of Creole heritage and raised on a military base in Dugway, Utah, it is hard for her not to have experienced the depth and breath of life.  She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, England and other places around the world.

She received her B.F.A. degree from Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana where she studied under the late MacArthur Genius Award recipient, John T. Scott.  Her art has appeared in many publications including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Images Magazine, The Story, Upscale Magazine and Positive Images Magazine.  She has exhibited at the Hammonds House Museum in Atlanta, GA., Kathleen Coleman Gallery in Houston, TX., Clay Gallery in Atlanta, GA. and Stella Jones Gallery in New Orleans, LA.

Barbara has completed her first book of art and poetry where she has combined her love for abstract art with her expressive inspirational writings.  Her art is an explosive experience with colors; it is no accident that the book is entitled, “Life Iz Colorful”.

She maintains a studio in downtown Atlanta where she paints, writes and teaches creativity to adventurous students of art.  Her home in middle Georgia is where she finds the peace that feeds her soul.

Call 404-202-9231 for information on lessons.

Mission Statement:

I paint to express what I feel and experience at a moment in time.  I use color, lines and texture to create these expressions.

Geometric shapes and patterns appear in most of my art because I was taught to draw by reducing objects to simple shapes and movements such as circles, squares, triangles and lines.  These shapes and movements have continued in my work no matter what I am communicating.

My art always reflects a period of my life.  I’ve seen my art series swing from heavy statements to joyful ones. I am currently in a very colorful period of my life.

There was a time when I wasn’t sure that I had anything valuable to say; now I pray that God gives me enough time to create all the things that I want to express.

I am at last an artist.  I am free just to be!